Learning Resources


The following sites are most applicable to levels 1-2.


The following sites have targeted vocabulary and grammar lessons grouped by
different skill levels.

Medium ( Levels 3-5), Difficult (Levels 5-7)
  • Many Things - Interactive grammar quizzes targeted to levels 3-4.  There are many
    additional links at this site to additional quizzes.


The following links apply to all levels and contain miscellaneous on-line activities.  


The following  two links are audio enabled.

  • Many Things - This site in addition to many grammar and vocabulary quizzes at all
    levels has AUDIO EXERCISES which are excellent for HOME PRACTICE at all levels.
  • The Learning Edge - This site has some excellent exercises with audio.  


These links provide access to additional useful English language aids, local and  
Boston Public Libraries and many things to do and visit in and around Massachusetts.

On-Line Dictionaries -


Libraries - Local and Boston Massachusetts:

NOTE: You can reserve discount museum passes to many Boston and Metrowest museums at
the library. You must reserve in advance and in person, using your library card.
The first publicly supported municipal library in the US, it is located in Copley Square, on the
Green Line, in Back Bay, Boston. You can speak to a reference librarian over the phone for free. BPL hosts
exhibits, speakers, activities, etc. If you get a BPL card, you gain access to more resources online. Library
cards are free, but you must go in person to get one.


Places to Visit/ Things to do (*especially for families with children)



Many free or inexpensive activities

-List of
Orchards in MA  

-Local farm not on these lists:
Belkin Family Lookout Farm, Natick


Job Safety for Teens/Immigrants - Sites explaining various "rights" for 'Teens" and

-National Information
-MA Information
-Workers' Rights Under OSHA
-Multi-cultural Educational Services

-Vocabulary Games with Medical Terminology
-Links for teaching numbers, dates, time, phonics and calendars.
Fun Activities

-World Geography  Drag and Drop Exercises for various countries.

American Holidays -
The Story of the First Thanksgiving
-Interactive Games and Activities

Recycle Activities - MASS Recycle
-National Recycling Association

English - Spanish Exercises
ESL: Bilingual: Portuguese-English
GED Practice math test
online textbook

Great site- many resources on one page

Test Prep Preview- info on many of the tests common in ABE/Higher Ed today

Online HS tests from the state of Texas
Learning to keyboard or type

http://www.freetypinggame.net/ = Typing lessons, games, and activities.
http://www.powertyping.com/ = Typing lessons, games, and activities.
http://www.nimblefingers.com/ = Typing lessons, games, and activities.
http://www.shambles.net/pages/staff/keybskills/ = Tons of typing websites!
http://www.goodtyping.com/ = Typing course in other languages. Registration required.
http://www.learn2type.com/ = Registration required.
http://freeonlinetypinggames.com/ = Typing lessons, games, and activities.
http://www.typingtest.com/games/ = Typing lessons, games, and activities.
http://www.davis.k12.ut.us/cjh/appliedtech/business/keyboarding/ = Typing lessons
http://www.sense-lang.org/typing/ = Typing lessons, games, and activities.

Career Information System
This free website has great tools
for finding a job.  You don’t have
to sign in if you don’t want, just
put your town and ZIP code. You
can use it to find a job, find a
school, or you can try the O*NET
tools to see what kind of job is
right for you.

Virtual Career Network
VCN will help you learn about
careers in health care.  Go to
“Choose a Career,” then find the
tab that interests you.  It will
quickly show you how much
education you need for each
career, how many jobs there are,
and how much they pay.